Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lets Say You Travel Back In Time: Part 1

This is going to be a series of blogs about if you went back in time and have to survive, and hell, maybe you just want to invent a few things.

First we are going to talk about
Remember germs spread disease, so keep yourself and others around you washed to help make sure disease dose not spread.  Medical instruments should be cleaned in boiling water, and steam works on things that can not be washed.  Penicillin-one of the BEST antibiotics, it is highly effective at putting a stop to infection, and works by preventing other bacteria from making new cell walls and reproducing.  If penicillin is unknown, look for molds on foods that, when viewed under a microscope, look like crazy hands on long stalks.  Ex above. 

Keep this information firmly in your mind, it will help you on your adventures through time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random tidbits of knowledge: The First Entry...

This is my first offical Blog post, and I must say I find myself without words.  This blog is ment to have tiny bits of information that I believe every person should know, or at least kind of have a grasp of, just for that day when it might come in handy.  Yes some of the post will (hopefully) be comical, but the goal is to give you a tidbit of information that you can use later in life.  Let us first start off with a wedge of knowledge for the avid miniature hobbiest out there. 

Painting Minis:

Thin Those Paints!
Im sure if you have ever gone on ANY blog/forum/site looking for help with painting your minis you have seen this 1000000 times.  It is the truth though. Thining your paint is the most CRITICAL thing you need to do when painting your miniatures.  Not doing so will result in poor paint jobs and loss of details on the mini, as well as a feeling of sadness when you finally display them and get laughed at.  I know this from experience.

Use Appropriate Tools!
I know this is going to sound idiotic, but i can not recall how many times i have seen people trying to paint with brushes made for little childrens fingerpaints.  Yes i know those nice brushes are more the 5 cents a piece and it makes you sad to pay so much for them.  TOO BAD.  Buy the right brushes for the right job.  There will be times you need those cheap plastic throw away brushes, JUST NOT FOR THE WHOLE MODEL. Use them when you need to do some stippling, or other assorted tasks that your good brushes might get ruined doing, just dont try and paint the whole model with them.  It is more a pain then it is worth.   

You Do Not Need To Be The Best!
This is where I am going to leave off on the subject matter.  It is true you should try your hardest to make a good looking mini, but remember there is (usually) always someone who is going to have more experience painting and customizing (if you do that) then you.  People have been painting minis for many yeas now and quite a few of them will just have done it longer and know more then you about it.  Your not going to be top dog in painting ever and if you think you will, please go kill yourself.  It is a hobby and should be treated as such.  Also remember to befriend fellow hobbiests and learn from them.  they are your most valuable resource.